• Fresh Produce

    As this is our first year, we have selected a number of vegetables, fall harvest items, and a few fruits and herbs. You will see them come up in our store inventory as we near availability of each item but, if you have questions, please ask! We hope that we will hear from you as to what you would like to have available in the form of fresh produce in the future and, to the degree we have the space and the labor, we will try to produce what it is that you are most interested in!

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  • Cut Flowers

    Again, in this area, we have planted a selection of flowers we believe will brighten your homes and your days, but we will be looking to hear from you as to what some of your favorites are. We hope to help you make your house into a 'home' for your family and your guests. Fresh flowers have a way of helping us relax, slow down, and enjoy life just a bit more!

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  • Secondary Products

    Products other than produce, plants, and cut flowers will include offerings that are home-made, or promoting the purpose of homesteading and country life.

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  • Pantry Items

    This will be an area that will have very little to offer on the front end until we have 'caught up' with spring planting, fencing, and all the things we are doing to start this business up. As we have time available, we will begin sharing some of the things we enjoy with our meals in a form that you can enjoy them as well. In the past, this has included hot mustard, jams/jellies, pickles, baked goods, and others, but we will grow this area as time is available on our end. Please feel free to, once again, make suggestions.

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  • Greenhouse

    We have a beautiful retail location with 3 greenhouses located off of 3890 Lewis Center Road, Lewis Center, Oh 43035. Please visit us!

  • Baked Goods

    Nothing quite says 'Home' better than a meal with the family with some home baked products to share on your table. Try what we have from this selection but, by all means, send us what you'd LIKE to see in this section as well!

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